Lebo Rasethaba




Lebo Rasethaba began honing his story telling skills during his time as an undergraduate student at UCT where he studied a general BA with a specialization in filmmaking. With the end goal of wanting to be a highly qualified storyteller, Rasethaba completed an honors degree at Vega as a stepping-stone towards completing a Masters degree in filmmaking.

A natural creative, Rasethaba graduated top of his class at Vega and won several awards with some of his student work being published by the SABC for a campaign.
After a short stint in advertising working as a junior copywriter where he won a few Loerie Awards, Rasethaba made his way to Beijing to begin a long and unique foray into the world of alternative storytelling. With all the limits opposed on him by the hegemonic society, his surroundings forced him to develop a more lateral approach to storytelling. Five years later, a few awards, and a hunger to be part of the creative black led revolution in South Africa, Rasethaba returned to South Africa and was approached to make a documentary about Comrade Andrew Mlangeni.

At around the same time, best friend and partner in creative crime Spoek Mathambo approached Lebogang to make a film about electronic music in South Africa. Already boasting a long journey in collaboration from music videos to short films, Spoek Mathambo and Lebogang began the journey that would become Future sounds of Mzansi. In the short time he had returned home, he was already shooting videos for heavyweight brands such as Nike, Redbull, and Adidas to name a few. Rasethaba is represented by Egg Films and has recently founded Arcade Content and is making inroads into the world of filmmaking.

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