Marie-Pier Boucher

Assistant Professor




Marie-Pier Boucher research focuses on the design of habitats for sustaining life in extreme environments. She is the co-editor de Being Material (MIT Press, 2019), Heteropolis (2013), and Adaptative Actions (Madrid, 2010). She is a collaborator of the plateform Adaptative Actions. She has taken part in group exhibitions in Tokyo Wonder Site (TWS), Japan, 2015; Galerie d’art Leonard & Bina Ellen, Montréal, 2010; Biennale Madrid Abierto, Spain, 2010). Her research residencies include: Banff Center, Canada (2011), Max Planck Institue for the History of Sciences, Germany (2010) and SymbioticA, Center for excellence in bioart, Australia (2006). She is assistant professor of Media Studies at the University of Toronto, Canada.

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