Maryam Veysmoradi




Maryam Veysmoradi is a young Iranian filmmaker and director who has produced several short films. Instead of dealing with subjects rooted in the minutiae of everyday life, in some of her works, she has tried to touch upon issues which are concerned with war and universal peace. In her works, she wishes to achieve a universal cinematic language which can exceed human linguistic differences and that would enable to call upon human beings all across the world.

Education: Master of stage management/ Bachelor of English translation/Bachelor of fine arts, Tehran, Iran.


1) Round Like Walnut (Jaipour film festival)

Vimeo link:  (Password: 84688468)

2) Migration Season

Vimeo Link:  (password: 84688468)

3) The Last Condition (2016)

Vimeo Link:   (password: 84688468)

4) Eucalyptus (13 minutes, 2017)

Vimeo Link:     ( password: Eucalyptus2017)

 5) Common Pain (2016), is now montaging and composing in Filmnegaran Film Company.

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