Michael Ricciardi

Short Film and Video Producer





Indy (short) film and video producer for 30 years. Former naturalist instructor of environmental/natural history for grade-school kids (Cape Cod, Mass, 1986-1991). Recipient of two Paul Allen Foundation Grants to produce and re-stage the experimental visual/new media poetry exhibition Future ForWORD (Seattle Poetry FEstival, 2002, Bumbershoot, 2003;www.futureforword.org). Award-winning, Internationally screened video artist (US, Canada, Argentina, Greece). Science writer and blogger. Published Poet. Multiple winning open innovation challenge solver (through InnoCentive.com, Open IDEO.com) including the 2013 Innovations in Arms Control award (US State Dept.) [see documentary interview at wearesolvers.com]. Motto: ‘I don’t want to rule the World, I just want to be a consultant.’

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