Mohamed Aziz Chafchaouni

Virtual and Interactive Computational Artist-Architect



Political Science and Sociology


Mohamed Aziz CHAFCHAOUNI holds numerous university degrees in political sciences, and sociology respectively from Paris I and Paris V universities. In 1982, He obtains a Master’s degree in Arts and Design from the University of Tsukuba, in the City of Sciences, Japan. He joins the famous Center for Performing Arts and Technology at the University of Ohio, Columbus, in the USA, where he studies with professors Charles Csiuri and Thomas A. Linehan, and prepares his general examinations for PhD doctorate. In an effort to connect the past to the present and to the future, Mohammed Aziz uses the synergy of Art / Science / Spirituality, as during the peak of the arts of Islam, as a vector of exploration of new horizons of artistic creation and production of cultural industries. In 2010, his efforts are recognized by a project that he presents personally to the high authorities of his native country: “The National Strategy of Preservation and Digitalization of the Cultural and Natural Heritage of the Kingdom of Morocco ” is personally validated by king Mohammed VI who gives highest instructions for the creation of a special Council to be in charge of the project phasing and development. Currently, Mohammed Aziz is working towards a pioneering project: the production of a universal traveling exhibition “Geometries of Islam”, showcasing a celebration of 14 centuries of Geometric Arts in the most publicized world sport event: « The Brazil 2016 Olympic Games »

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