Ondrej Cakl

Writer, Editor





Graduated in philosophy and philology. Became a literary and musical critic, fictional worlds analytics, editor in charge of several publishing houses, children’s book writer, social care assistant, farcaster, receptionist, street artist, jazz and post-rock musician, cultural events organizer and chaos activist and rush producer. Recently tries to accelerate human transgression of mankind via curatorial practice: From 2013 he has been working in International Centre for art and New Technologies in Prague as a curator and project leader, where he prepared and moderated new media art exhibition “Trans(e)Mission Exposed” (2015) or “Enter the Interface” (2015) – open panel for artists and scientists, and other cultural events and activities. He also runs “Streams” programme for technologically innovative approach towards music and sound design. In his practice and theoretical thinking he critically investigates the borderlines of technological interpretation of artificial intelligence concept and its intersections with trans-humanistic notions of humankind enhancements.

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