Pier Luigi Capucci




Art Sciences


Pier Luigi Capucci is a scholar in the media studies and in the relations among arts, sciences, technology and culture.


He had courses, lectures, conferences, lessons and workshops in universities, academies, private and public institutions and foundations, museums and galleries worldwide. He is a teacher at the Fine Arts Academies of L’Aquila and Urbino and at the University of Udine (Dept. of Mathematics, Computer and Physics Sciences). He has internationally published more than 350 texts, essays and papers in books, magazines and conference proceedings. His most recent publications are the co-curated volumes The New and History (2018), about the relations between the “new,” innovation, history and cultural heritage as well as the proceedings of the International conference “art*science/Leonardo 50” he co-organized, and Arte e complessità (Art and Complexity, 2018). In 2000 he started Noema (https://noemalab.eu), an online journal and a series of projects about the interrelations and influences among culture, arts, sciences and technologies.


Currently he is curating the three-year research project (2018-20) art*science – Art & Climate Change (https://artscience.online).



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