Sandra Bébié-Valérian

Artist and Curator




Sandra and Gaspard Bébié-Valérian are french artists and curators, both holding a MFA and a MA(Res) in Aesthetics. The duo has collaborated since 2003 under this entity. Their installations take on issues such as energy, food, freedom, health, natural and industrial resources. From their point of view, the merging of technology and modern life represents a strong paradigm of the constituent powers in our society. Experimenting and using the “game” as a way to open debates is an important production mode for the artists. They believe that this technology/pastime can be utilized to connect people to one another and to enable meaningful actions and contributions to the world’s problems. Their major exhibitions include SKOL-Montreal, CEAAC Strasbourg, Gamerz festival, Pancevo biennial, CAPC Bordeaux, Labomedia Orleans, DELCO Nîmes, MLIS Lyon, Aperto gallery Montpellier. They regularly contribute to French specialised publications in digital arts and have edited several catalogs and essays. From november to december 2015, they are hosted to CentralTrak residency and work on a new project, exploring the connections between earthquakes and fracking in Dallas surroundings. This residency, in cooperation with the UT Dallas, is supported by the French Institute.

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