Tiago Barbosa




Chemical Engineering


Tiago Barbosa was born in 1970. His graduated and did a masters in the area of Chemical Engineering, at the Instituto Superior Tecnico. He did internships in Akzo-Nobel, in Wuppertal in Germany. Between 1996 and 2002, he was involved in research projects involving asphalt and polymers, in the Institute of Science and Technology of Polymers. In 1999 he returned to university, this time to study theatre and acting. He continued his studies in theatre in workshops directed by Lyn Pierce, Venianir Flishtinsky and Peter Michael Dietz, among others. He has worked as an actor in performances of theatre and dance directed by Jorge Andrade and Miguel Pereira, Dinarte Branco and Tiago Nogeira, Martim Pedroso, Monica Calle, Bernard Sobel, Lucia Sigalho, Miguel Loureiro, Franscisco Alves, Joao Lourenço, Antonio Pires, Catalina Buzoianu, Jorge Silva Melo, Adelino Tavares, Paulo Lages, Marcos Barbosa, Maria Gil, Joclecio Azevedo, Vitor Hugo Pontes, Ines Jacques, Rita Natalio, Ainhoa Vidal and Edward Fâo, among others. In television, he participated in episodes of the series “Maison Close” (2012), “Conta-me como foi (2009), “Liberdade 21”(2008) and “Inspector Max” (2004), and of the soap operas “Dancing Days”(2012), “Laços de Sangue”(2011), “Morangos com Açúcar”(2010) e “Lusitana Paixâo” (2002). He has worked in cinema with directors which include Sandro Anguilar, Franscisco Manso, Manuel Prada e Patrick Mendes, among others. In 2013, he directed the performance “A Grande SombraLoira”, inspired from sonets from Florbella Espanca.

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