Annick Bureaud


Annick Bureaud is an independent art critic, curator and event organiser, researcher and teacher in art and technosciences. She is the director of Leonardo/Olats, European sister organisation to Leonardo/Isast.

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Audiolats is the channel of Leonardo/Olats, the French branch of Leonardo/ISAST. At the intersection of sound creation and publication, it proposes three kind of soundcasts: “Introducing …”, in which an artist, a scientist, a curator or any other creative mind shares his or her researches and ideas; “Milestone Works”, in wich the person details an artwork in the field of art, science, technology that he or she considers a milestone;…



The introduction of “Meta-­Life”, a Leonardo ebook published in 2014 by MIT Press states: “With biotechnologies, synthetic biology and Artificial Life, artists have opened new avenues in the artworld, going from still to autonomous objects to living creatures, exploring the thin border between animate and inanimate, confronting the grown, the evolved, the born and the built, raising aesthetical but also social, political and ethical issues”. This channel aims to address…

Pioneers and Pathbreakers


Pioneers and Pathbreakers proposes testimonies and investigations by artists, curators, engineers, art critics, historians, scientists and other creative minds about the history of digital art, new media arts and new technologies including computer art, bioart and nanotech. Logo by Cassini Nazir.

Space Art & Culture


In 1957, the bip bip of Sputnik launched the space age. For the artists it meant the opening of new creation territories. Leonardo have been along side the artists by publishing articles about their works, then by initiating the “Leonardo Space and the Arts Projects” run by Leonardo/Olats. “Space Art and Culture” pushes further the investigations. Logo by Cassini Nazir.

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