Commercial Culture, Realism and Pop Art: A Conversation with Michael Lobel Part 1


The Athenaeum Review art

Our guest on this episode is Michael Lobel, professor of art history at Hunter College and the author of books on Roy Lichtenstein, James Rosenquist and John Sloan.

In Part One:

Realism in 20th-century art: challenging the received critical narrative of the “triumph of abstraction” (1:30) — Contemporary realists e.g. Kerry James Marshall, Nicole Eisenman, Dana Schutz (2:45) — Is there an elite-popular divide in the audience for 20th-century realism? (3:45) — Linda Nochlin and 20th-century realism: Alex Katz, Alice Neel, Sylvia Sleigh (5:30) — Sidney Janis, Pop and Nouveau Réalisme: imagery vs. objects (7:30) — Andy Warhol’s 1961 window display for the Bonwit Teller department store (11:00) — Andy Warhol’s Twenty-Five Colored Marilyns and the value of close study in person (16:45)

Recorded and edited by Oskar Olsson.