Inspired by Nature: Swarm of robots and artificial life works, meeting with Vicky Isley & Paul Smith (Boredom Research) and Thomas Schmickl


Audiolats art

Vicky Isley and Paul Smith forming the artist duo Boredom Research and Thomas Schmickl, the project leader of the scientific research project subCULTron talk about their respective approach of artificial life, both “in vitro” (artificial virtual creatures in a computer environment) and “in vivo” (robots and more precisely swarm of robots in natural environments). They present and discuss their common ground and questions in relation to the FEAT residency.
Recorded by Annick Bureaud on September 10th 2016 in Linz during Ars Electronica, in the framework of the EU H2020 co-funded FEAT / Future Emerging Art and Technology project [].
Jingles and sound design Jean-Yves Leloup, musics Carl Harms, David James Elliott “The Wire”, Sergey Lopoukha “Lull” (Universal Production Music Publishing), Stefanski “Last Light Lament” (Atmos Production Music/UNIPPM), “Nouvelles Machines” by Pete Namlook & Geir Jenssen and the sound pieces “After Glows” and “Shake Flake” by Boredom Research.