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Art, Politics, and Religion

This channel provides a forum to introduce and analyze contemporary Iranian arts. Its main goal is to illustrate how Iranian artists are contributing to a wide array of artistic forms.
Contemporary Iranian Arts, New media Arts, Artistic movements , Art and Politics, Art and Religion, Art and Islam.

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Short Film and Universal Language / فیلم کوتاه و زبان جهانی

Recorded on 2018-04-10

Maryam Veysmoradi is a young Iranian filmmaker and director who has produced several short films. My dialogue with her revolves around issues such as the nature of the short film versus the feature film, the relationship between short films and ethical dilemmas, political realities, and the human being’s existential predicaments. Instead of dealing with subjects […]

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Aesthetics of Cinema / زیبایی شناسی سینما

Recorded on 2017-12-01

Hatef Alimardani is a renowned Iranian filmmaker, director, and screenwriter whose movies are noticeably engaged with socio-political dilemmas, cultural cleavages and economic difficulties of present-day Iran, portrayed through stories of Iranian middle class families. My dialogue with him revolves around issues such as the correlation between cinema and science, cinema and society, aesthetics of cinema, […]

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Music and Meaning / موسیقی و معنا

Recorded on 2016-12-07

This podcast is a conversation with Peter Pirhosseinlou Iranian musician, sound artist ,and music organizer. My dialogue with him revolves around issues such as the relationship between music and meaning, the nature of meaning in music, and the audience’s musical experience. In his music, his main priority is to build a mutual bound with his […]

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Theater as a Mode of Dissent / تئاتر هنر معترض

Recorded on 2016-11-14

Mohammad Yaghoubi is a multi-award-winning playwright, director, screenwriter, and theater instructor. He is also the co-founder of Nowadays Theater which is a non-profit theater company in Toronto, Canada. In this podcast, our conversation revolves around the issue of theater and what Yaghoubi believes is the inherent correlation of theater with politics, ethics, truth, and freedom. […]

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The Persian myth of Zarvan / اسطوره ي زروان

Recorded on 2016-11-08

This podcast is a conversation with contemporary Iranian sculptor Aban Salehi regarding her award-winning sculpture “Zarvan” in the Versus Sculpture Festival 2015 in Tehran. By referring to the ancient Persian myth of Zarvan, god of time in ancient Persian deities, Aban Salehi intends to criticize the long-held foundations of viewing the world through good and […]

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Art and its emancipatory dimensions/ هنر و ابعاد رهایی بخش آن

Recorded on 2016-10-26

Gholamreza Jamshid Moradian is a renowned Iranian sculptor and an authority in wooden sculpture. He has participated in a vast variety of both national and international symposiums and biennales across the world. In 2008, he won the Excellence Award in an Olympic landscape sculpture contest in China. In this conversation, Jamshid Moradian speaks with me […]

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Your Body is a Battleground of power/بدن جولانگاه قدرت

Recorded on 2016-10-12

Shadi Moosavi is a contemporary Iranian artist. She deals with issues of sexuality, body ,and identity in her paintings. The distinguishing characteristic of her works is their emphasis on sexualized human bodies attempting to visually reveal how socio-political power relationships create and consolidate the common and fixed sexual stereotypes and sexually arranged roles of our […]

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Vis and Ramin Performance: Ancient Persian Love Story/ پرفورمنس ویس و رامین

Recorded on 2016-10-12

This podcast is a conversation with Iranian conceptual artist and sculptor Ramin Etemadi-Bozorg regarding his performance titled “Vis and Ramin” in Tehran’s Museum of Contemporary Art. By referring to the ancient Persian love story of Vis and Ramin, Etemadi-Bozorg intends to contemporize a mythical-romantic narrative about passionate love composed by 11th century classical Persian poet […]

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نمایشنامه ی خانه/ Theatrical Performance “Home”

Recorded on 2016-03-28

This podcast is a conversation with contemporary Iranian Director Kiamoars Moradi regarding his recent theatrical performance “Home” here in Dallas, Texas. As a professional theater director, Kiomars Moradi deploys the magical realism genre in which magical elements blend with well-known contemporary issues of Iran to allow a deeper understanding of the complex realities of the […]

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چیدمانی از کهکشان / Galactic Installation

Recorded on 2015-11-02

In this podcast contemporary Iranian artist, Mahsa Karimizadeh, talks about her recent exhibition in Aun Gallery in Tehran. She describes how nature, the infinite galaxy especially black holes and the microscopic world of atoms have constantly been primary sources of her artistic inspiration. مهسا کریمی زاده هنرمند مجسمه سازی است که همواره طبیعت، جهان بی […]

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مجسمه ی صدا: واریاسیون شماره ی ۲۳ بر روی تمی از هری برتویا / Sound Sculpture: Variation No. 23 on Theme by Harry Bertoia

Recorded on 2015-09-29

As a sound artist, Vedad FamourZadeh is exploring the integration of sound art and electronic music with different soundscapes and diverse musical traditions of Iran. He strives for rekindling intrigue for the details that define a place, on listening closely to minutiae of everyday sonic. He is especially interested in interactive pieces that can generate […]

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