Ignaz Schick

Turntablist, Sound Artist, Performer, and Composer



Improvisation and Turntables


Turntablist, sound artist, performer & composer. He has collaborated with numerous international artists (most notably Don Cherry & Charlemagne Palestine)and toured and performed clubs & festivals all over Eastern- and Western Europe, the USA, Russia and the Balkans. He released many albums on labels like Zarek, Edition Zangi, edition x, Irrah, Potlatch, Bad Alchemy, Charhizma, Staalplaat, Nexsound, Non Visual Objects, Improvised Music From Japan or Absinth and he was part of radio broadcasts and productions for ORF-Kunstradio, ORF-Zeitton, BR2, DLR, DLF, WDR3, DRS2 or Radio Copernicus (…) Furthermore he has been curating festivals of experimental music from the early 90s onwards (FAM, Erase & Reset, Tim Shifts, …) Since 2005 he has realized several sound installations and was awarded with the sound art scholarships by the City of Berlin in 2006 and a residency at Kuenstlerhaeuser Worpswede in 2008.

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