Jamie Broadnax





Jamie Broadnax has a Masters Degree in Film and Marketing and considers herself a social media geek. In her spare time, she likes to write, read books, and live-tweet TV shows (yes it’s a new hobby folks). She loves watching shows like Mr. Robot and Scandal. Jamie spends a significant amount of time on Twitter connecting with the BGN online community, and when she’s not tweeting, she enjoys reading comic books and traveling to conventions to meet and greet fans.
In February 2012 Jamie decided to launch the blog Black Girl Nerds. After an evening of boredom Jamie “Googled”, the term Black Girl Nerds and nothing came up in the world’s largest search engine. It was that night that the blog was born. There was a Facebook for BGN that was launched a year before the blog was published and a large number of Facebook fans have supported the blogsite. Jamie has written for Madame Noire and The Mary Sue. The Black Weblog Awards also awarded BGN in 2013 for Best Podcast.In 2014, Jamie was accredited by MSNBC The Grio.com’s Top 100 list for being an online community builder in the tech space and innovator for Black women to feel comfortable with embracing their nerdiness.

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