Mohamed H. Youssef

Independent Egyptian Artist





Mohamed H.Youssef is an independent Egyptian artist who experiments with a large diversity of media and different forms of visual and plastic arts: artistic booklets, digital works, paintings. Since 2006, his work has been focusing mainly on digital arts, and particularly on interactive spaces (with, for example, art pieces such as The Table, in search of lost timeā€¦ and his project Particles). He has exhibited his work in Egypt, Germany, France, Korea. He works as an Art director at the Planetarium center, one of the service centers at the Arab Academy for science, Technology and Martime transport. A member of many arts networks RamiMed, Animanet, creanumerica, Imera and others. Since it’s start up, he is a member of RamiMed network, animator in Egypt and responsible of the RamiMed page on Facebook.

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