Nora Abushadi

Graphic Designer




Nora Abushadi works predominantly creating conceptual design works in a variety of media. She has assisted in two exhibitions at AUC [need full] as a member of the curatorial teams, both in El-Touni: A Design Retrospective and Al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here. She contributed to the travelling book exhibit with an artist’s book entitled Recto-Verso, which is currently in the United States.

She has previously worked at Rhimal for corporate branding and conceptual identity and at Bonico: Spatial Experience Design, based in Madrid, where she aided in design management, strategic processing, and event management and organisation. She currently is a teaching assistant in the Graphic Design program of the Department of Arts, and occasionally freelances as a website designer and developer for start-ups, while also working on her design, culinary and entrepreneurial ideas.

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