Pamela Gossin





Professor Pamela Gossin teaches the History of Science, Literature and Science, interdisciplinary humanities, Great Plains literature and culture, and Japanese anime and manga at UT-Dallas.  She especially enjoys learning from her students’ diversity of life experiences and perspectives.  Her most recent courses focus on discovering “hidden figures” of science and incorporate “activist humanities” real-world difference-making projects into studies of nature.


Her current research traces the development of late 19th– early 20thcentury natural worldviews and environmental thought among indigenous and immigrant thinkers and “seers” on the North American Great Plains.   Other scholarly works and publications include: the creation of a digital archive, Across the Spectrum: The Interdisciplinary Life and Work of John G. Neihardt<> (2013-present); Thomas Hardy’s Novel Universe: Astronomy, Cosmology and Gender in the Post-Darwinian World(Ashgate) and An Encyclopedia of Literature and Science (Greenwood).


Outside of the classroom, Prof. Gossin looks up at the stars and tries to help things grow in Oklahoma . . .

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