Sharath Chandra Ram

MA Student



Interaction Design and Digital Humanities


Sharath Chandra Ram’s (Sharathchandra Ramakrishnan) practice and research interests lie at the intersection of law, technology and society with a focus on Open Education (Open Science and Open Hardware), Open Spectrum, Citizen Science and ICT4D. As a licensed amateur radio broadcaster (callsign: VU3HPA), he is actively interested in communication policy research, radio astronomy, extends his art-science practice as a transmission artist and has installed his sound and multimedia work in several national and international avenues. He is also an international partner and co-organizer of the International Summit on Critical and Transformative Making held in Indonesia. He engages actively with the local open source and research community at the Centre for Internet and Society and organizes the annual NASA International Open Data Challenge at Bangalore.He is currently Faculty at the Srishti Instiute of Art Design and Technology at the Centre for Experimental Media Art and the Information Arts and Information Design Practices (IAIDP) Program. Previously he has worn many transdicslipnary hats from being a Research Associate at the Cognitive Neuroscience Centre at NIMHANS Bangalore, a Software Engineer, to Radio Journalism and specialized in HCI and Virtual Environments at the University of Edinburgh, School of Informatics.

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