Yusra Khan


Applied Cognition and Marketing


Yusra Khan is a Digital Community Design Researcher at Arteca.mit.edu and the Community Cultural Scientist at the ArtSciLab at the University of Texas Dallas. Yusra is fascinated by human brain and behavior. She studied Psychology at the University of Hartford (2014)  in Connecticut with her thesis focusing on neuropsychology studying the Impact of Meditation Stress.

Along with her interest in neuropsychology, Yusra was interested in studying social behavior and group dynamics. In 2013, she completed her fellowship in Organizational Science at the University of North Carolina where she studied organizational relationships in leadership and job satisfaction among expatriate managers. In her diverse educational and professional background; Yusra also had the opportunity to become a certified court interpreter for the state of Connecticut, a Diversity Educator and a Promotional Model. Her interests lead her to a career in management and sales at Avon and Target Tech.

Yusra will be graduating with a Masters in Applied Cognition and Neuroscience from the University of Texas Dallas focusing on Human-Computer Interaction in May 2018. Yusra is motivated by science the behind decision making and human behavior. Her critical thinking has led her to discover many diverse paths in art, science, and design.

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Gut Feeling


Those butterflies in your stomach, where do they come from? When you make the decision to pick your life partner, how are you so sure? It’s clear that we don’t have a mathematical formula for all of our decisions in our life. We have to trust our intuition. What is our intuition? Where do these feelings come from? This podcast channel will explore the range of topics from human decision…

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